NM Learn Russian in Kiev

5 reasons to choose NM Kiev

1. Receive Outstanding Language Instruction

Russian Courses
With us you will be instructed by qualified and experienced teachers and have the opportunity to develop your colloquial Russian with our “peer-coaches.” If you choose live with a host family, you will gain valuable cultural understanding and language practice (not to mention delicious food!). Our teachers, peer coaches and host families are all regularly reviewed by student feedback and staff, and you too will have the opportunity to add your comments and make your thoughts heard.

2. Have a 21st-Century Learning Experience

In downtown offices study in modern classrooms equipped with DVD and audio equipment, enjoy use of our computer rooms and free WIFI. Heating and air-conditioning take the edge off the ups and downs of the seasons, and on every floor students have access to bottled hot and cold water.

3. Join Our Social Activities and Events

Cooking Club
Participate in language and culture-building activities such as Russian cooking club, Russian conversation club, celebrate Russian holidays with fellow students and staff, and listen to and participate in Russian-language talks with experts in politics, economics, history and other subjects. Students can join excursions to historically and architecturally significant sites in Kiev and throughout Ukraine.

4. Create a Program That Works for You

Russian Courses
You will be able to organize your time and design your program according to your needs, availability and budget. Students choose from a range of options for studying with a group and/or individually and accommodations (with a family, alone, or with other students).

5. Feel Welcomed and “At Home”

NM Learn Russian in Kiev
Enjoy your time abroad in a welcoming, friendly academic atmosphere. We want students to feel comfortable speaking Russian and using it to open new friendships and cultural experiences. We love our work, and judging by our students’ progress and how often they return and recommend us, we do it well!

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