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(8 Items , 19.12.2016)

NM New Year's Party!

Thanks to all who've made this cold winter night so warm and soulful. We were happy to see you and to share such a nice moments with you!

Hope to have more of these next year!

(13 Items , 31.10.2016)

Here are some pictures of NM Halloween party in Kiev! Thanks to everyone who joined us! We had fun!

(18 Items , 23.09.2016)

We've had another picnic with NM students in Kiev! It was a warm, sunny, and very nice day! Hope you liked it as much as we did! We are definitely going to have more such wonderful meetings in the future!

(10 Items , 22.08.2016)

NM cooking club was a success! We've made delicious pancakes! Here are some pictures and recipe! We encourage you to do it! It's totally worth your time and efforts!

(21 Items , 09.08.2016)

This is how NM Russian Language School looks like in Kiev. We do our best to make you feel at home!

(8 Items , 02.08.2016)

Here are some pictures of our game evening party!
Thanks to all who joined us! We've had a lot of fun!

(13 Items , 04.05.2016)

Here are some pictures of Easter celebration at NM!

We had a wonderful evening with our students who experienced some Easter traditions in Ukraine such as the egg dyeing and the Easter cake tasting!

(8 Items , 07.03.2016)

A great event at NM! We had a wonderful night here with the students and staff! A DJ knew his job and joy was in the air! Amazing homemade eclairs and other tasty treats and enjoyable atmosphere as it should be.

Ahead of the Women’s Day we want to give a flower and say thank you to all of our charming ladies! We are not who we are without you!

(12 Items , 10.11.2015)

... knowing Russian makes them happy!
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