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Students who stay with our Russian-speaking host families have the opportunity to gain much insight into the local culture and make amazing friendships with wonderful Ukrainian families.

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Uman dendro park Sophievka is the world's landscape architecture masterpiece of the end of 15th and the beginning of19th centuries.

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This small city hosts more than 20 different museums, which is an absolute record for Ukraine, considering that it population is only about 30 thousand people.

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Lviv is a vibrant city of nearly a million people who are proud of its long and glorious history, rich cultural heritage and architectural beauty

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Museum is really an entire complex of sites, including WWI and WWII war machines, the enormous Motherland Statue, art monuments and a 3 storey museum displaying all stages of WWII

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Golden Gate is a unique fortification architecture monument that survived until nowadays. It was constructed in 1017-1024 and served as a main gala entrance to Kiev.

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Yar is a ruefully known place of grief over the victims of appalling genocide and WWII. It?s a ravine that became the grave of thousands of people who were butchered by the Nazi

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