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(12 Items , 07.11.2011)

This museum in Cossack’s Cove in Sevastopol tells of the fighting glory of the Black Sea Fleet.

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Everthing was just as it had been then - not just the fighting, but even the field kitchen...

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During the tour to Sevastopol the school’s students uncovered strategic secrets of past decades...

(20 Items , 04.10.2011)

In our school we have a tradition, when our graduates write favorite word or phrase in Russian. Here are some of our students with their phrases.

(17 Items , 06.09.2011)

This summer we had many students from different parts of the world. Every day we helped them to improve Russian language and dive into our culture

(11 Items , 10.04.2011)

Maria, Director of Novamova school, attended the international EQUALS Conference in Prague on April 8th-9th, 2011.

(29 Items , 15.12.2010)

At NM's 9th birthday party, among our guests were representatives of USA, Great Britain and Portugal Embassies and personally Ambassador of Portugal Mr.Mario Jesus dos Santos.

(12 Items , 25.10.2010)

The NM ILS participated in the ICEF Berlin workshop that took place the 31st of October – 02nd November 2010 in Berlin.

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Kiev is one of the oldest cities in Europe, with beautiful architecture and some of the greenest parks you'll ever see.

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On the Saint Sophia tour we see Kiev's great cathedrals: the St. Sophia, the Mikhailovsky Zlatoverkhiy and the Andreevsky Church.
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