NM Learn Russian in Kiev


(12 Items , 08.11.2012)

These photos are made by our American students in October, during their trip to Transnistria in the frames of special conflictology programme.

(20 Items , 07.10.2012)

This autumn we have many students. As always, Friday is a day of receiveing of certificates. Here you can see some  pictures.

(14 Items , 10.09.2012)

The last lesson of Russian in Kiev...  Students and teachers already have many new friends, but it's time to verify the results of studies. Look at some picrutes made during our students' presentations.

(10 Items , 09.09.2012)

Here you can see some fotos of our students from USA. These moments were really pleasurable for everybody of us. We hope to show you such pictures as soon as possible...)

(10 Items , 18.08.2012)

Here you can see some pictures of our recent American groups. During the same time we had many other students. But this project united many young and gifted students of American Universities. It was a real pleasure to work with them!

(6 Items , 26.04.2012)

The EAQUALS International Conference took place on 19th - 21st April 2012. The representatives of our school also participated in it.

(4 Items , 27.03.2012)

Our recent trip to Crimea (Sevastopol-Balaklava-Yalta-Alupka-Simferopol)

(9 Items , 16.03.2012)

Some pictures of our recent excursion to Lviv. March 2012

(20 Items , 01.03.2012)

This was an excursion to Pereyaslav with its Open Air Museum, ancient architecture and Ukrainian winter... This city played a significant role in the history of Ukraine. It was mentioned for the first time in the text of the Rus' treaty with the Byzantine Empire (911) as Pereyaslav-Russki.

(16 Items , 23.11.2011)

NM ILS representatives took part in the EAQUALS jubilee conference, which was held in Trieste, Italy.
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