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(10 Items , 26.07.2017)

Our excursion to The Kievan Rus Park, just 45 minutes from Kiev! The cultural and architectural reconstruction was modelled after Kiev during the V-XIII centuries. It is even the same size as, covering an area of 10 hectares. It was a real journey to the past!

(9 Items , 12.07.2017)

We had an interesting trip to Mezhyhirya Museum, the Residence of Ukrainian ex-president Victor Yanukovych, where we learned about his luxurious lifestyle. Here are some of the photos!

(8 Items , 28.06.2017)

Last Saturday we went on an excursion to Pyrogovo Open Air Ethnic Museum in Kiev. We spent an amazing day enjoying beautiful nature and learning about the history and ethnographic heritage of Ukraine. The Museum is located on 1.5 square kilometers and contains over 300 pieces of folk architecture brought from all parts of Ukraine, each displaying the beauty of its region.

(14 Items , 12.06.2017)

NovaMova Summer Roof Party at our friend's (Ubik Litvin Studio) place.The first of many parties we will have in Kiev this summer.
Summer has begun! Join us!

(5 Items , 30.03.2017)

Our students took a short trip to Lviv which is in the west of Ukraine and spent two unforgettable days there!

(12 Items , 22.03.2017)

Cooking club with a special guest and a very good friend of NovaMova - Dr. Michael Denner, a professor of Russian studies at Stetson University in Florida.

Mr. Denner gave us a cooking demonstration on how to cook ‘real American food.’For a crowd of around 25 people, he prepared several traditional dishes from the U.S.A.’s deep south.Shrimp ‘n grits, iced tea, buttermilk biscuits, and sausage gravy. These foods are both traditional and popular in many American states.

Now we know what a real American food is - super tasty!

(8 Items , 19.12.2016)

NM New Year's Party!

Thanks to all who've made this cold winter night so warm and soulful. We were happy to see you and to share such a nice moments with you!

Hope to have more of these next year!

(13 Items , 31.10.2016)

Here are some pictures of NM Halloween party in Kiev! Thanks to everyone who joined us! We had fun!

(18 Items , 23.09.2016)

We've had another picnic with NM students in Kiev! It was a warm, sunny, and very nice day! Hope you liked it as much as we did! We are definitely going to have more such wonderful meetings in the future!

(10 Items , 22.08.2016)

NM cooking club was a success! We've made delicious pancakes! Here are some pictures and recipe! We encourage you to do it! It's totally worth your time and efforts!
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