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(12 Items , 22.06.2018)

This week we had a Farewell party for our students who finished their studying. We caught a sunny day and spent a great day at nature! Check out some pictures!

(6 Items , 07.06.2018)

For students who love to sing we organize a Singing club with our charming Koposova Elena. She is not only an amazing language teacher but also a great musician! So if you want to practice your Russian or Ukrainian in a fun and easy singing way – you're always welcomed!

(3 Items , 17.05.2018)

Vyshyvanka day at NovaMova Language School! Look at this beauty!

(8 Items , 08.03.2018)

Dear ladies! It's Women's day today! Best wishes to all of you from NovaMova team! Feel special and unique on the top of the world!

(7 Items , 14.02.2018)

Happy Valentine's Day! Love and be loved! Our students, teachers, and staff also shared some love with each other today! Check it out!

(18 Items , 30.12.2017)

Dear friends!
As we have come close to the end 2017, we want to thank our old and new friends for making it so special! We hope you had a great time with us as much as we enjoyed every moment with you!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

(27 Items , 10.10.2017)

Not long time ago we caught one of the last warm and nice days in this year to have a picnic with our students! Check out some pictures!

(9 Items , 01.10.2017)

We would like to thank all our teachers! We are lucky and we are so proud to have such a great tutors in our team! You're the best! Have a wonderful Teachers' Day!

(8 Items , 28.08.2017)

This is how our Standard Group lessons usually look like. Always in a relaxed enjoyable, and friendly atmosphere.

(9 Items , 22.08.2017)

Cooking club at NovaMova Kiev is a great opportunity to learn how to cook most favorite local traditional dishes and practice your speaking while doing it! This time we were cooking syrniki! You've never heard about it? Then check it out!
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