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Levels European System CEFR Russian System TORFL Lexical Minimum
A1 Breakthrough or beginner ELEMENTARY (part of the BASIC level) 760-780 words
Description Elementary communicative skills in a limited number of common life situations: acquaintance, introducing yourself, shopping, answering simple questions about yourself, place of residence, studies, work, participation in simple conversations if the other person talks slowly and clearly.
A2 Waystage or elementary BASIC ТРКИ /
1300 words
Description Elementary level of communicative competency, basic communicative skills in everyday life, cultural and study spheres of communication: understanding of separate sentences and frequently used phrases related to fundamental areas of life (information about yourself, family, work, studies, getting a job, shopping, time an spatial orientation), interaction in simple information exchange on routine matters (home, work, leisure, hobbies).This level certificate is required to obtain a Russian citizenship.
B1 Threshold or intermediate I SERTIFICATION LEVEL ТРКИ /
2300 words
Description Intermediate level of communicative competency, principal communicative skills in communication with a native speakers: understanding main concepts of the message encountered in studies, work, leisure; ability to handle most life situation being in the country where the language is spoken ( in the store, in the drugstore, at the airport, at the station, in the bank, at the post office, in the restaurant, in the library, in town, in transport, in the theatre, in the cinema, at the doctor, phone conversations), ability to produce coherent logical utterance on routine matters (tell about yourself, family, work, studies, occupation, interests, education, traditions, culture, holidays, travelling, main problems of contemporary life: educational system and its problems, ecology). This level certificate gives the right to enter higher educational institutions. The level is usually achieved after the one-year preparatory course.
B2 Vantage or upper intermediate IISERTIFICATION LEVEL ТРКИ /
10 000 words
Description Advanced level of communicative competency testifies the ability of communication in a wide range of cultural situations, educational and profecional spheres, allows to conduct profesional activity as a specialist of a non humanities area. Mastery of this level allows interacting with native speakers on a degree of fluency, speaking fast and spontaneous (on an average pace of native speaker) communicate on professional topics developing your opinion and evaluating someone else’s. This level certificate is needed to obtain Bachelor’s, Master’s and Ph.D. degrees excluding certain subjects.
C1 Effective Operational Proficiency or advanced IIISERTIFICATION LEVEL ТРКИ /
12 000 words (7000 of active vocabulary)
Description High level of communicative competency testifies the ability of free interactionin all spheres of communication, conduction of profesional activities in Russian language as a philology specialist, translator, editor, journalist, and diplomate. Mastery of this level enables to speak rapidly and spontaneously without obvious searching for expressions, use the language flexibly and effectively for academic and profeccional purposes. This level certificate is needed to obtain Bachelor’s, Specialist’s, and Master’s degree in the humanities (above listed).
20 000 words (8000 of active vocabulary)
Description Mastery of language. This level certificate indicates competence close to native speaker. A level of Specialist’s and Master’s degree in Russian philology, candidate of philology and pedagogy. This certificate gives the right to all forms of teaching and research activities in the sphere of Russian language.

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