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Preparation for TORFL exams

TORFL Certification Services
NM is a certified testing site for the Russian Ministry of Education’s “Test of Russian as a Foreign Language” (TORFL). In cooperation with examiners from the Pushkin State Russian Language Institute in Moscow, NM is certified to get students prepared for the test and take the TORFL (ТРКИ) at any level, from A1 to C2. 

TORFL Preparation Services

  • Group or individual TORFL preparation classes;
  • Sample exams and mock tests;
  • Sample tests for students needing TORFL to become Russian citizens;
  • Language courses designed for specific TORFL levels, including:
    • Everyday communication (A1-C2);
    • Business Russian (B1 – C1);
    • Russian for the hospitality (tourist) industry (A1-C1);
    • Russian for State Certification (A2-C2);
    • TORFL for Russian citizenship (A2).
    • Russian for State Certification (A2-C2) / TORFL for Russian citizenship (A2-С2).


Students must register in advance for the TORFL. Contact NM and ask for an application form. Return your completed form with payment no later than 1 month before your test date in order to guarantee your slot.

Lessons per week Price per week
1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks 5-8 weeks 9-16 weeks 17-48 weeks
20 + 10 365€ 340€ 325€ 305€ 275€
20 + 5 265€ 250€ 240€ 225€ 200€

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