NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Business courses

Max. class size
10 students
Group lessons per week
20 * 45 min.
Individual lessons per week
5*45 min. or 10 *45 min.(focused on Economics, Politics, Tourism etc. upon request)
Min. course length
1 week
any level
Starting dates
every Monday*

Training in business Russian language is offered to those who need such skills in order to live, study, or work in Russia, Ukraine and other Russian-speaking countries, as well as to network while working with Russian partners and companies around the world.

The goal of our programs involves the development of Russian language in the business world (everyday communications in the workplace, negotiations with business partners, meetings and business trips, correspondence, etc.).

Main objectives of training:
  • Build skills for confident usage of Russian in business communication;
  • Master the nuances of business Russian;
  • Master business Russian vocabulary according to course themes;
  • Build listening comprehension for business meetings, negotiations, and casual communication.
Throughout the course there will be role-playing and situational games, discussions, individual exercises, business correspondence, and presentations. 
Our trainings utilize modern textbooks and manuals of leading Russian publishers («Златоуст», «Русский язык. Курсы», etc.).

1. Beginner business Russian course (most basic level):
  • Lessons with a group or individual;
  • This course is designed for mastery of Russian language at the elementary level (A1).
2. Russian language for business communications (advanced level)
  • Lessons with a group or individual
  • This course is designed for mastery of Russian language at the first certification level (B1) and higher.
  • Recommended length of course (depends on individual student’s level of Russian) – 1-1.5 months (80-120 academic hours / 20 academic hours in a week)
3. Russian language for professional communication (specialized courses)

Individual or corporation lessons (length of course depends on needs of students and their level of Russian)
  • Business correspondence
  • Communication: telephone conversations, presentations, negotiations
  • Russian for hotel and restaurant businesses
  • Russian for law enforcement officials
  • Banking
  • Law
  • General politics and political science
  • Economics and Finance
  • Medicine
The language school NM holds accreditation in the associations EAQUALS and EBA. We have an enormous amount of experience in teaching language and always welcome new students. We look forward to working with you!

Lessons per week Price per week
1-2 weeks 3-4 weeks 5-8 weeks 9-16 weeks 17-48 weeks
20 + 10 365€ 340€ 325€ 305€ 275€
20 + 5 265€ 250€ 240€ 225€ 200€

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