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If you are constantly on the move and still want to make the most of your time, our Online Russian Lessons will allow you the flexibility to do your language exercises whenever you want and wherever you are with your NM teacher.

Online learning is getting more and more popular among modern and active learners/people in our dynamic time. It is a convenient and cost-effective way to get acquainted with Russian, improve it, or master it in the comfort of your home or office at convenient times , without the necessity to take vacation, travel, pay for air ticket and hotel etc.

Online lessons is a perfect option for those who:

  • Need/want to learn Russian but have no possibility to come to our school due to various reasons (work, finances, personal reasons etc).
  • Is going to come to NM. It’s good to get to know a bit or boost your Russian before coming to us in order to make the most of your experience when you will be here, in a Russian-speaking environment.
  • Was at NM already and would like to continue his/her studies with a favorite teacher.


We offer:

  • online individual lessons
  • online conversational group lessons (fixed group or self-formed group)

Individual lessons:

You can book 5, 10, 15 or 20 lesson packages and benefit from online Russian lesson with our highly qualified and experience teachers at your convenience. Individual lessons allow you maximum flexibility in scheduling your studies, choosing topics and pace fitting your individual needs and interests.

  • Min. course length - 5 lessons of 60 min.
  • Levels: beginner, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2

Conversational Group lessons

Fixed groups

Speaking is a key type of language activity to make your knowledge live and practical. Join one of our online Conversational Russian Groups and enjoy lessons with your favorite NM teacher and group mates you met. It means that you see, hear and speak with your teacher and other group participants as you would be in the same room.

  • Min. class size - 3 students
  • Max. class size - 5 students
  • Min. course length - 10 lessons of 60 min.
  • Levels: A2, B1, B2
Self-formed groups

If you have a few friends or colleagues, willing to improve their Russian, you can make your own group. In this case, you will be able to focus on specific topics related to your work or interests, not just general Russian as in fixed groups. Our teachers have extensive experience at developing and providing tailor-made courses. Note that it is important that all of you are at the same level of Russian.

  • Min. class size - 2 students
  • Max. class size - 5 students
  • Min. course length - 10 lessons of 60 min.
  • Levels: A2, B1, B2


  • Student will get access to teaching materials only after payment is received. Teaching materials or access to them shall be sent to the student at least 48 hours before the lesson.
  • Teacher is available online 10 minutes before the lesson starts. We kindly ask you to launch your Skype for the lesson in advance to make sure everything functions properly.
  • In case you take online group lessons, you will get first reminder 48 hours before the lesson and second reminder 2 hours before the lesson. You must confirm your participation after both reminders in writing by sending us an email at info@novamova.net . If you are not available for a particular lesson, we can allow people from a short list to participate in that particular lesson.


  1. Fill out our online registration form (at the bottom of this page);
  2. Wait till one of our administrators gets in touch with you (within 24 hours during week days) to fix the time for online oral test and process your registration for online Russian course.

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