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Test your level of Russian online!

The effectiveness of instruction depends in large part on the accurate assessment of students’ level of knowledge. Language mastery is a complex, multi-faceted process with many dimensions: speaking fluency, grammar knowledge, listening comprehension, the ability to analyze text, and breadth of vocabulary.

Naturally, in order to assess all aspects of language mastery, a multi-tier test and plenty of time are needed. The purpose of this test is rather to give a preliminary assessment of your knowledge of Russian grammatical structure in order to choose the right learning aids and group for your level.

On the first day of instruction all students take a multi-tier test. Based on the results, we place the students in the groups that best match their level.

This test identifies students’ level of mastery of Russian grammar between the levels of A1 and B2. Please try to answer all 60 questions without the help of a grammar book or dictionary and limit yourself to 25 minutes.

You can find out your test results yourself after taking the test by checking the “Show answers?” option.

This test is mandatory for all students who apply to study at NovaMova language school.

Don’t forget to check the box that says “Send your test results to NovaMova” so that we receive your results.

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