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We update movies list and speaking club topics

Join our projects - Russian Movie Club and Russian speaking club. The films represent certain pages in the history of our region. They will be shown in Russian with English subtitles. You need communication in Russian ;) Come on!

Russian Speaking Club for learners of Russian. Join us!

You may learn new words, learn how to build sentences and ask questions, but to speak Russian fluently you need - communication in Russian. Thus, the main reason why we decided to organize a Russian speaking club is to give you the possibility to communicate in Russian.

Check dates and topics

Join our Thursday Russian Movie Club!

We invite you to take part in our interesting and fascinating new project - Russian Movie Club. Not only will you get to watch a great movie, meet wonderful people, and have a great time, but you will also improve your Russian language skills.

Autumn is time to study.

Take Russian lessons at NM and stay with a host family at attractive price.

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