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NM is opening a branch office in Odessa, a city renowned for its relaxed atmosphere; a city where people love life and know how to live it. The new Odessa Summer Center ideally complements the main NovaMova Center in Kiev.

Russian in Odessa


Russian has been the primary language in Odessa for hundreds of years. It was the language of Odessa when the city was founded in 1794, and it remains the most commonly spoken in the city language today. The Odessa Region is one of the few regions of Ukraine where Russian is an official state language.

Odessa is a popular vacation destination, so you can practice your Russian not just with the locals, but also with vacationers from across the former Soviet Union. The city is particularly popular among visitors from Moscow and St. Petersburg. And, of course, people are more relaxed and more willing to chat with strangers when they are on vacation.

School Location


Located in the city center, a 10-minute walk from the city’s main street -- Deribasovskaya Street, the NM Odessa Center features fully mediated, spacious classrooms, public computers for student use, and high-speed WiFi access throughout.

The area around the Center is full of bars and restaurants offering inexpensive, tasty meals.

Top-Quality Instruction

Instruction in the NM Odessa Center reflects the highly successful methods developed in our Kiev Center. All instructors, materials, curricula, and lesson plans are overseen and approved personally by the Kiev-based academic director.

Internships in Odessa

We are happy to announce our summer internship program in Odessa. You can combine your Russian language studies with internships or volunteering in the afternoon. Please read more about our summer internships in Kiev and Odessa


08 July – 13 September

Course Options

  • Group Courses - 20 lessons per week in open groups
  • Mixed Courses - 20 lessons per week in open groups, plus 5--10 private lessons per week
  • Individualized Courses - Up to 10 private lessons per week, with no group study
  • Business Russian - 20 lessons per week in open groups, plus 5-10 private lessons on business-specific vocabulary and topics

Group lessons run from 10:00 AM to 2PM on weekdays. Private lessons are by appointment.

Getting Around Odessa

Odessa is a pedestrian city. Almost everything in the city center is accessible on foot. Those who chose to drive will find that there is relatively little traffic in the summer and traffic jams are uncommon.



Living with a Russian family is a great option if you are interested in an intense immersion experience. Living with a family provides maximum exposure to Russian and also to the unique Odessa mentality and the incomparable Odessa sense of humor. Homestays are available with breakfast only, or with breakfast and dinner. All homestays are within 30 minutes from the NM Center.

Shared Apartment

Here you will have a private room and share a kitchen, bathroom and toilet with one or two other students. All apartments have a high-speed WiFi Internet access. Once-weekly cleaning and laundry are included.

All apartments are located within 20 minutes of the NM Center.


Hostels are the most economical option, but with up to 10 people per room they also provide plenty of opportunities to get to know people from around Russia and around the world.

All hostels are located within easy walking distance from the school.

Private Apartment

NM can assist you in renting a private apartment (studio or one-bedroom) in central Odessa.

Social Activities

Opportunities to practice your Russian in Odessa are endless, but NM does offer some structured activities to help you get the most out of your time in Odessa:
  • Tours and activities to introduce you to the city and its major tourist attractions while improving your Russian;
  • Get-togethers with local students from our English, French, or other languages’ programs, so you can make friends and practice your Russian informally;
  • Tours to Transdnestria -- a unique opportunity to experience the atmosphere of the former Soviet Union, virtually unchanged since 1990.

Combined Kiev - Odessa program

NM also offers programs combining study in Kiev and Odessa.

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