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"The language tandem" with the school NM - this is your chance to learn a foreign language for free!

Each of us racks our brain over how best to learn a foreign language and preserve the knowledge for a long time. Of course, nothing beats working in a class with a good teacher. But there are some secrets that will allow you to significantly improve language skills and to acquire an unforgettable experience. We are talking about the "language tandem". This communication method involves two different languages, aimed at the mutual learning of these languages.

We offer NovaMova students who learn Russian or Ukrainian language to practice their language skills with native speakers once, twice or three times a week, for example, for two hours. In the first hour, you ask them many questions, you learn everything that you're interested in - new words, expressions, etc. You, of course, speak in Russian (or Ukrainian). And for the next hour, you will explain the subtleties of your language – English, French, Spanish, German etc. This time you speak in your language. And so your Ukrainian partner may practice it as well.

Such communication is possible at any level of language skills - from beginner to very advanced. The location and format of the meeting, too, you choose - it can be a walk, an evening with a cup of coffee, in short, any place that is suitable for both of you. In practice, in many cases, communicating in a language tandem has lasted for years and yielded excellent results.

It is important that none of you should come up with any technique. After all, for this form of communication, you must come up with all the questions that interest you yourself. At such meetings, the result is inevitable. After all, you do not have to use a textbook or listening to pre-prepared lesson teacher. Every minute you'll know exactly what you are missing the fact that most interests you at this time. In addition, your companion will not be a teacher but a native speaker. Using this opportunity, you can discover all sorts of new horizons of language proficiency. And everything will be as accurate and reliable "first hand". And yes, writing in a notebook, too often a boring exercise, is not necessary.

Let us try to formulate the basic principles of tandem language:

1) Mutual benefit;

2) Autonomy (complete independence) for each participant. You get only the knowledge that you need most. And you do not have to follow any special procedure or strict rules;

3) Time and place of meeting are determined arbitrarily. You can meet there and then, where and when it is convenient for both. Rigorous schedule of meetings, too, may not be;

4) You get first-hand knowledge and gain valuable skills in the spoken language. It is, at times, as if it were immersion in the language.

To find your language partner, please, fill out a form placed below.


1. Your name__________________

2. Your e-mail_________________

3. Your contact number___________________

4. Your age_____________

5. What language do you want to learn?

(Russian, Ukrainian)

6. Rate your level of knowledge of this language?

(zero, basic, intermediate, advanced, fluent)

7. What language do you suggest for a tandem partner?

(here the choice fits 6 positions - English, French, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, other)

8. When can you start the meetings? (specify the month or exact date) ____________

9. Your interests _______________

Send your app-form on info@novamova.net

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