NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Russian Singing Club

Everyone knows that singing cool song is the best and most pleasant way to learn new words and set phrases or “live” language expressions. Thus we decided to organize a Russian Singing Club to give you the chance to improve your Russian in an enjoyable way.

Russian Singing Club is available to students of any level. Thus, whatever your level is, you may spend an hour with other people singing Russian songs and improving your Russian vocabulary, finding new friends and getting positive emotions.   

 Our Singing Club is held every second week at 14.00 on Fridays.  Duration is 60 minutes. The next Singing Club is on February 7th 2013 with a vivid song «Замечательный сосед».

 Admission is FREE.

 To participate in our Singing Club you need to send us an email (your full name, date of the Russian Singing Club and your contact information, preferably phone number) to our mail info@novamova.net with the subject line "Singing Club". You can also sign up at our reception.

 Look forward to seeing you at NM Language School. That doesn’t matter if you can sing very well or cannot at all.  Just come and enjoy!

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