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Conversation Practice in Russian

Peer coaching is speaking practice that complements formal instruction.

"Peer Coaching" —  is informal conversation practice.

During the warm months participants take strolls around Kiev, visiting parks, squares, and the riverfront. In the fall and winter they spend time in warm cafes with a cup of tea or coffee and, of course, plenty of conversation.

Students have the chance to chat and discuss topics they're interested in or need help understanding.

No time is wasted during peer coaching. In addition to improving your spoken speech and learning many new things, through conversation practice with your peer coach you overcome any fears of speaking that you may have had, gain confidence using colloquial language, and flesh out your vocabulary.

Peer Coaching

Peer Coachers

Peer coachers are mostly students from local universities who have different interests, histories, and attitudes, but have all come to NOVAMOVA with a desire to talk, share their experiences, tell about life in our country, learn new things, meet people, and make new friends from other countries.

A peer coach can also take you for a sightseeing tour around Kiev to visit the places you are most interested in.

With a peer coach, you can always talk about what concerns you or ask where to go out, where to pass the time, or which exhibit to visit. But most importantly, peer coaching is about having interesting conversations with interesting people.

Speak Russian in Your Free Time

In addition to making a new friend, during peer coaching you will discuss interesting topics and learn many new things about life in our city and country — about our lifestyle, how we spend our free time, our problems and concerns, and our views on the topics that interest you.

During conversations you will have the chance to write down new words and phrases — not just words and phrases that you can find in a textbook, but the vocabulary that we actually use most often in colloquial speech, including slang.

Find Real Friends

Peer Coaching

A peer coach can also help create practice situations — for instance, when you might need to buy clothes, books, a ticket, or order something at a restaurant or cafe — and is there to suggest the best way to say what you need.

You will have someone who will listen to you, talk with you and correct your language mistakes with understanding and patience.

Peer coaching doesn't mean more homework and is not at all like class lectures. It is time you spend talking “like a normal person” and developing friendships.

And most importantly, you will have the opportunity to build a friendship in another language and country

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