NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Guest Speakers

Guest lecturers - are a highlight of our program. NM regularly organizes meetings with former or present members of parliament, political analysts, historians, lawyers, educators, religious leaders, specialists in folklore and others who present topic material on the politics, history, economics, etc. of Ukraine.

Meeting with these people gives our students the chance to hear many interesting stories about life in our country.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Once a week, we invite a speaker to come and speak with our students.

We always schedule our lectures in advance and take requests from our students as to who would be interesting for them to hear.

As lectures are scheduled in advance, we often take requests from our students as to who they would like to hear.

The presentation are held in our presentation hall, complete with projector, white board, audio and video equipment.

These presentations help our students to understand Ukraine as a country, as well as the cultural life of its people.

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