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Apartments in Kiev

Generally speaking, apartments in Kiev are quite expensive. Prices vary of course, according to the location of the property, number of rooms, the amenities, the length of your stay, and time of the year.

Private apartments are available in virtually all regions of Kiev and range from the simplest of accommodations to the most luxurious and extravagant of them all.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Prices for renting a private apartment are higher than our home-stay program, and of course do not come with a live-in host family to provide friends, language practice, or cultural exchange.

For those who wish to rent a private or shared apartment, we can assist in choosing the right place with just a bit of information about your budget and needs.

Again, we strongly advise that you participate in the Home-Stay program, but recognize that individual comfort is often a concern for many.

We must recommend that regardless of where you choose to stay, you allow us to find you your accommodations. Aside from linguistic and cultural barriers you may encounter while seeking independently, Ukrainian real estate law is often quite different from the laws of many other countries and requires experience and understanding when negotiating with and paying Ukrainian property owners.

Knowing the city and which regions are the safest is also important, and our staff are all very familiar with our city and its peculiarities.


The 50 EUR per night is an approximate price for a one-bedroom apartment (bedroom, living-room, bathroom and kitchenette) in Kiev but prices can easily reach as high as 150 EUR.

Services and facilities

Most apartments in Kiev are privately owned, fully furnished and have bed linen provided. There is usually a small extra charge for cleaning and laundry at the end of your stay, which will be added to your bill.


All bookings for apartments in Kiev must be paid for in advance, at least two weeks before you arrive, with at least two days rent as a deposit. Upon your arrival you will have to pay the balance. Also the cost of any damage during your stay in Kiev will be deducted, as will the cost of any telephone charges or utility bills not included in the given rate.


If you decide to leave the accommodation before the date you originally booked, you must give at least two weeks advance notice.

If you cancel your booking before you arrive, you will be charged two days rent as a cancellation fee.


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