NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Homestay in Kiev

Participating in our Home-Stay program can be one of the most rewarding and interesting aspects of your visit to Kiev. By being a participant, you will gain the opportunity to live in a family environment and experience the culture first-hand.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Host Families

Here at NM, we proudly offer the open doors of our most experienced Ukrainian host families.

A host family can help you in a variety of ways, most importantly with the development of your new language skills.

How It Works

As a live-in guest, you will gain increased comprehension, speaking, pronunciation, and cultural skills.

Students whose primary reason is to gain new ground in Russian language skills should consider this program mandatory to their studies.

Every student who has come and stayed with one of our host families has reported that their language skills greatly improved as a direct result of this experience. Additionally, their listening skills became much sharper as well.

We Know these People Well

We carefully select each host family and know them personally.

We will never seek out some random family looking to earn a few bucks; we seek out those who enjoy cultural exchanges and have experience with foreigners.

We personally visit their apartment and check that they can abide by the rules of the program.

Your Space

Your host family will provide you with a private room, a convenient place  to study, all necessary meals, a friendly social environmental  and any assistance you may require with getting around the city.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

As a participant of this program, you will experience Ukrainian hospitality at its best.

As a measure of respect, you are asked to take into consideration your host family and their lifestyle, as you will be a visitor in their home, not their hotel.

Some will have children and extended families that many live there or come to visit from time to time. This opportunity will give you the experience of a lifetime.

Useful Experience

Homestay experience is particularly useful for those who are establishing long-term residence or engaging in cultural studies of the Eurasian region.

On behalf of the entire team at NM, we hope that the relationships you build through this host family program will last long after you choose to leave Ukraine.

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