NM Learn Russian in Kiev

NM Team

Our Teachers

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Each of our teachers are highly trained and experienced in working with students from all over the world. Our teaching staff come from strong linguistic backgrounds and really enjoy helping others to learn a new language.

Through our student feedback forms, we routinely evaluate the performance of our teaching staff.

It is our mission to constantly improve the student’s experience and provide the best in linguistic training in Ukraine.

Our teaching and department staff hold regular meetings, during which decisions and plans regarding the methodology of our teaching practices come under scrutiny. Through these meetings, we discuss the most appropriate tactics and strategies, and plan each course carefully.

Many of our teachers are fluent in multiple foreign languages, including English and other popular world languages. This proves to be an invaluable asset during individual and intensive groups.

NM Administration

The entire team at NM stands ready to serve our students however we can.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Whether related to learning Russian, finding and choosing accommodations in Kiev, reserving and purchasing air and rail tickets, travelling from one city to another, enjoying the entertainment venues, or just figuring out how to pass the time, NM is dedicated to making your experience both memorable and rewarding.

Our Peer-Coaches

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

To reinforce language skills gained during class time, we offer our students conversation practice so called “Peer-Coaching”.

This is an opportunity to communicate with many of the talented and colourful final year students from our local linguistic universities.

These soon-to-be certified teachers will prepare exercises in accordance with your regular classroom activities and assist you in expanding your communication skills.

Each of our peer-coaches will prove to be highly helpful in the improvement of your conversational skills and are routinely evaluated by the participants of this program.

Using feedback forms, we are able to address any issues and optimize the activities that work best for you.

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