NM Learn Russian in Kiev


Oksana Samusenko
Head of Russian Department

Hi! My name is Oksana, and I am an associate professor and linguist with a Ph.D. I have experience in teaching Russian and Ukrainian as foreign languages since 2000 year. I work at NM ILS and really enjoy working here, because the atmosphere is friendly and welcoming.

The guiding principles of the NM International Language School are to ensure a personalized approach to students, to maximise language immersion, and to vary teaching methods appropriately to guarantee maximum efficiency and effectiveness. We try to make our lessons easy and interesting for everyone.

My professional interests include ethno-linguistics, cultural studies, the history of language, foreign language teaching methodology. I enjoy reading, sports, outdoor recreation with my family and friends, theater and psychology.

I am interested in Ukrainian and Russian culture and wish to share my knowledge and to open up the Slavonic soul to you. Above all, I love teaching and I always wish the best for my students.

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