NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Our Russian Language Teachers

Gela Turabelidze
Director & Co-founder
Hello everyone! My name is Gela, and I am the second of the co-founders of the NM International Language School.

I graduated from Shevchenko University in 1999 with degrees in Spanish and English Translation and love the diversity of the world’s languages. I actually speak 8 of them, including Spanish, English, Russian, Ukrainian, French, Italian, Georgian, and German; so as you can tell, language is my life.

I enjoy business and teaching others how to succeed in business. In 2001, I partnered with Andrei to found the NM International Language School. This has been a life-changing move for me. I really enjoy what I do for the simple fact that I get to work with such a diverse group of professionals. I cannot imagine how different my life would be if I didn’t get to run this language school each day and meet so many interesting people from around the world.

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