NM Learn Russian in Kiev


Yana Proskurkina
Russian teacher
Yana Proskurkina I have had repeated professional trainings in Russia and extensive working experience in higher education institutions. Now I am working on Ph.D. thesis in pedagogics. I really enjoy working with foreign students. I believe that my main professional characteristics are ability to work with students of any age, adherence to principles and systematic requirements. My motto is: “Sometimes it may be too late to study. But it is never too late to enjoy studying”.

A lot of people dream about a job that would bring pleasure, like a hobby. I am lucky because I am doing exactly what I always dreamed of. I always enjoy communicating with different people, share my knowledge with others and feel that I am taking part in progress of my students. It is always nice to see my students joyful, happy and confident because they are doing well! I love my job not only because I can share my knowledge, but also because I always learn and it feels great!

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