NM Learn Russian in Kiev


Tatiana Kravets
Russian & Ukrainian teacher
Hello! My name is Tatiana. I teach Russian and Ukrainian languages​​, literature, geography, with 12 years of experience teaching in public and private universities in Kiev. 

I consider myself very lucky in my life because I love my job. Russian is the language of great literature, and I dream that someday the world will be able to read the great works of Russian writers in their truest, original form. Usually in the process of language learning, I draw attention to the students that it is the great grammatical and lexical problems of the Russian that make it such a rich, capacious language, able to greatly reflect subtle moods and feelings. Learning a language is not a routine, but an entertaining journey, an ascent to the truth and to oneself. I'm happy to help those who yearn for knowledge in this journey. 

Moreover, I am pleased to introduce Ukrainian culture, customs, and history to those interested in them. The friendly, relaxed atmosphere of NM school doesn’t just include learning in the classroom, but also tours, film screenings, speaking clubs and more - ideal for mastering language and understanding culture.

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