NM Learn Russian in Kiev


Nina Nedoboy
Russian teacher

My name is Nina. I have 19 years of teaching experience from state, private, and international schools. My hobbies are caring for houseplants, my dacha (summer home), and driving. I am interested in human spirituality and study books on the subject. I prefer the Russian language.

Why Russian? Because I know this language and can teach it to others. Studying Russian isn't scary, but actually quite interesting. Russian is interesting because of it's "great and mighty" heritage, because of the wealth of its vocabulary and style of word formation, and because of the all the great classics and the depth of the Russian soul.

I enjoy the partner-like relationships with our students at NM and among our friendly teachers and staff, and I value their readiness to give their support. The atmosphere here is perfect for individual and group work, and for developing students' and teachers' best personal qualities.

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