NM Learn Russian in Kiev

NM Methodology

Many committed students struggle to understand why no matter how hard they try, they just can’t seem to find success with the Russian language.

At NM, we combat this frustrating phenomenon through creative, result-oriented techniques designed to build optimism and dedication in our students.

We take pride in being up-to-date with the most innovative teaching methods, and applying them individually in ways which work best for each of our students.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Our lesson books, classroom activities and audio and video materials are of the highest quality and will help you to become a great Russian conversationalist.

Our courses are built around each student’s language level, specialty and interests. Unlike other schools, all of our course materials are customized to be “student driven” in order to meet the individual needs of each group.

Complex Immersion

What does complex immersion mean? Complex immersion is to us, a multifaceted approach to learning.

Rotating and combining the teaching tools and methods helps students to express themselves orally and in writing.

In the same way that an athlete trains his or her body for a competition, switching the mind between different language exercises allows the student to study longer with less mental fatigue, and assists in building a greater holistic understanding.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Focused Immersion

To us, a focused approach means to cover each step before moving on to the next. Some schools and teachers “skip around” to the easy tasks and lessons.

In our opinion, students must master, not omit, many crucial aspects of the Russian language before moving up to more difficult tasks.

Dedicated Immersion

Dedicated immersion means no distractions. Leaving your daily routine and coming to Ukraine takes a great deal of time, money, and effort.

Students who do this are serious about their Russian education. While with us, we make sure that our students remain immersed in and speaking the Russian language for the entirety of their stay.

Intensive Programs

Our intensive programs place an emphasis on speaking skills and abilities. Russian grammar - a monster among languages is essential to the learning process. We thoroughly incorporate this into all exercises.

We also adapt a number of topics relevant to students’ interest and profession. To master an active vocabulary, students work with specially prepared flashcards.

NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Our Dynamic Teaching Methodology

  • Vary the learning environments; (classroom environment to conversational practice environment to extracurricular activities)
  • Change techniques; (academic learning; peer-coaching; media class)
  • Change trainers; (different activities with different trainers)
  • Change content; (focus on different subject matters to ensure a broad base of understanding)

Program Components

  • Classroom: Work with a qualified tutor
  • Peer-Coaching: conversational practice where students discuss what they have learned - for beginners and up!
  • Home-Reading: one-on-one with the text to master subjects and expand vocabulary
  • Media-Class: watch films and learn songs with linguistic preparation to expand cultural understanding
  • Excursions: see and hear about the amazing local sights firsthand, in Russian of course!

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