NM Learn Russian in Kiev

School Facilities



Our large office has 10 classrooms for group and individual classes, staffroom, and a kitchen.

Classes are held on the 2 floors in newly renovated rooms.

Each room is equipped with air conditioners, a TV, DVD players, CD players, and notebook computers for use by the teaching staff.

Internet & Library Room


Our internet/library room is equipped with eight computers with free, unlimited internet access for use by all of our students.

Additionally, throughout all of our offices internet is available via wireless access- so bring your notebook computers, relax and enjoy the free internet access.

The internet/library room is available as a place to study and complete homework.

The internet room is available for educational purposes and is used to show Russian films. 
Each film is followed by a discussion, homework, and classroom exercises prepared for the presented film.



During classroom breaks, students may use our kitchen to brew coffee or tea, or to eat a snack.

Our kitchen is equipped with a refrigerator, and an electric teapot.

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