NM Learn Russian in Kiev

Our Russian School in Kiev

The name “NM” comes from Ukrainian. The two words literally mean“New Language”

Founded in 2001, by friends and dedicated linguists Gela Turabelidze and Andriy Kononenko, the NM International Language School has grown to become the top Russian language training institute in Kiev. NovaMova is connected globally, with strong ties and partnerships with linguistic professionals and leading international Russian language institutions in the US, Europe and Russia.


With an extensive line-up of Russian language programs for the beginner through advanced learner, NM also boasts some of the most creative social programs of all the language schools in Ukraine.

With strong ties and partnerships with leading international Russian language institutions around the world, NM is deeply connected to hundreds of linguistic professionals and resources globally.

Social Activities

We have achieved this success with our Russian language students because of our personalized approach to language study.

NM students
Our students come to us for the experience which our reputation causes them to expect from us.

We have a number of after-class programs designed to help each student make friends, integrate into the local community and gain invaluable experience using their new-found Russian skills in real-world environments.

These experiences build self-confidence and an excitement to explore Russian language and culture more than is possible through textbooks alone.

We are the only Russian language school to offer field-trips to historical Ukrainian and Soviet sites, live-in host family accommodations, and after-school social activities. Coming to and living in Kiev could never be easier or more attractive.

Russian Language Methodology

We have achieved success with our Russian language students because of our personalized approach to language study. We have created a highly-developed linguistics program for non-native learners of Russian.

Russian lesson

Specially-developed Russian language video and audio materials, role-play skits, as well as fun and interesting classroom discussions make for a satisfying learning experience.

We will help you to:

  • Become familiar with how Russian-speakers communicate colloquially;
  • Use natural, common Russian phrases which will set you apart from the “textbook learners”;
  • Effectively use your Russian language skills to express yourself clearly and correctly;
  • Place yourself in comfortable social situations which will allow you to interact successfully with native speakers of Russian.

Our Location

Just down the street from our school stand the remains of an ancient gate to the city (Golden Gate) as well as the historical Sofia Cathedral.

Our school is located in the historical and cultural centre of Kiev, not far from many famous sites and buildings.

Kiev, Ukraine

Our street, Yaroslavov Val, lies alongside much 11th century architecture (from the time of Kievan Rus) as well as the now modern embassies of countries such as Norway, Italy, Poland, Germany and Canada.
Our offices and classrooms are located on the second and third floors, just past the UniCredit Bank Central office.

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